Angara-Trust has been providing services for business in China since 2017. Our priority is to save time and finances for companies that would like to cooperate with Chinese manufacturers. Our specialists have a broad understanding of the Chinese market, logistics, production stages and local mentality, and speak fluent Chinese.

mentality, we speak fluent Chinese. All this allows the Angara-Trust company to provide clients with some of the most favorable conditions for profitable cooperation with the Middle Kingdom.
We provide a wide range of services, including:

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Delivery from China

We provide comprehensive services for the delivery of goods from China and are ready to provide our clients with high-quality logistics and transaction support services. We send goods with official export registration from China and help with the selection of all necessary accompanying documents. We also provide cheap CARGO delivery (simplified transportation and paperwork).

Worldwide shipping from China

Interprener in China

We provide the services of a professional guide-translator in English and Chinese. Accompanying meetings with Chinese partners, conducting negotiations, organizing business meetings and excursions. Meeting at the airport. Our translator is ready to accompany you at exhibitions and conferences, provide assistance when purchasing goods and organize transfers to any city in China. We will treat your request with care so that your business trip to China is as efficient as possible!

Interprener in China

Buy wholesale 1688.com/TaoBao

We provide services for purchasing goods from any Chinese Internet platforms. The most popular TaoBao and 1688 are the largest websites where you can find a huge range of products from the cheapest to exclusive high-quality products. These platforms are available only to consumers from China, but our company provides the opportunity to select, purchase and send the goods you need worldwide

Buy from 1688 wholesale
Buy from TMALL wholesale
Buy from TaoBao wholesale
Buy from JD wholesale

Agent in China

Business agent in China

1. Search and verification of suppliers.
2. Quality control
3. Dispute resolution
4. Organization of logistics and export clearance
5. Negotiations on price and delivery terms

If your company needs to enter the Chinese market or there is a need to cooperate with Chinese partners, but you do not have the opportunity to visit China yourself, our company is ready to become your representative and provide full support and support in all matters. What is included in the service:

Cargo consolidation

If you have several separate shipments from different suppliers, we will help you combine these shipments into one in our warehouse in Shenzhen. Cargo consolidation is a very convenient way to optimize the logistics process and reduce packaging and international shipping costs.

Cargo consolidation in China


Product branding is the application of logos, brand names, and product names to items designed to increase brand awareness and attract customers.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) - production of products according to existing manufacturer templates, but with the application of your brand logo

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) - production of unique products according to your template with your brand logo applied


Manufacturer Inspection

Anagara-Trust inspectors conduct inspections at all stages of the production process: from the purchase of raw materials and components to the packaging of finished products. They draw up a detailed report on the inspection results and, if any violations are found, offer specific recommendations for correcting the problems. The inspector pays attention to:

1. Product quality and compliance with orders
2. Product functionality and compliance with customer requirements
3. Product safety
4. Compliance with import and international standards and quality certificates

Production inspection in China

This type of service can be very useful for businessmen importing goods from China. Inspection helps to avoid unpleasant surprises associated with low quality goods and increases confidence in concluding profitable contracts with Chinese manufacturers.

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