Order Processing

Our employees select the product of interest and coordinate all the details with the client

The client fills out detailed information about the product, its quantity, characteristics (application form in the documentation section)

Filling out an application

The client pays for the order in accordance with the agreed terms, then we buy the goods and if necessary consolidate in our warehouse


What's the procedure?


Checking and packing

Our employees check the goods, coordinate packaging with the client and prepare the cargo for shipment

The cargo is sent by the method chosen by the client


For OEM/ODM, money transfer, interprener, production inspection and representative in China, you can contact one of our employees - we will answer all your questions and give a free consultation
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A must read for all Angara-Trust clients

► Our intermediary commission depends on the total order amount: 5% up to 10,000 yuan, 3% from 10,000-100,000 yuan and 2% for orders from 100,000 yuan and above.

► We accept orders for redemption, searching for goods and sending CARGO only in the amount of 5,000 yuan. We also provide the opportunity to purchase and send samples, the price of this service is negotiable.

► Carefully check the weight and dimensions of the cargo upon receipt. Make sure all information matches the invoice we provided when shipping from China.

► We recommend recording on video the moment of unpacking the cargo upon arrival at the destination, so that in case of detection of damage, evidence of the opening of the parcel, or partial loss, you can make a complaint and attach photos and video material to it and send this complaint to the carrier company delivering the goods within your country.

► The standard check of goods arriving at our warehouse includes a visual inspection for obvious damage and defects, as well as a random check of products for compliance with the client's technical specifications. Any other checks are by agreement with each client for an additional fee. This is due to additional time and energy costs for employees or cases when it is necessary to use special equipment or conditions.

► There are different ways to pack cargo, from cheap to expensive and more reliable. We always coordinate the type of packaging with the client and try to choose the best option depending on the type and quantity of goods transported, in order to minimize any possibility of damage to the cargo during international transportation.

► The indicated delivery times by road, railway, air and sea are approximate. Delivery times change in real time and depend on many factors. For example - additional checks at customs, flight delays, holidays in China or your country, epidemiological outbreaks, natural disasters and other force majeure situations. By cooperating with our company, clients understand and accept the above risks of delays in delivery times.

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